Welcome To Doing Something New for Life!

What is the next ‘new’ thing you will do? Marian and I are traveling through life, sometimes trudging and sometimes running, and look for joy in the world around us.  Sometimes we find it in the experience of doing something we’ve not done before. Sometimes we find it in our professional lives in education. Other times, it’s found in the acts of creativity.  We hope that our stories provide a mixture of inspiration, education, motivation with the occasional mortification that I might slip in here without Marian knowing first. 

Getting started all over again


We did something else new, again. I grew more unhappy with the Squ@respace site and decided to go ‘old school’ and move everything over to a WordPress site.  It’s not the WordPress I used years ago and my learning continues!

Our older content will find it’s way back into this site as we grow this into our new DSN home.  We look forward to sharing the journeys that are ahead of us.





Featured Videos

Howard spends part of his professional hours creating digital training content. Our DSN YouTube channel will have a mix of video content from our travels, DIY projects, or whatever else we enjoy. 

Please consider following the channel so you can get channel update notifications and we get that narcissistic feel-good feeling.

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