We’ve had Rachel now for just over three weeks. The girls love riding in the truck with me, mostly I’m guessing because they have to climb so high to get it. I enjoy driving a truck again, but I’m dealing with the expected downsides we knew we were going to face.

The glaring downside are ‘her hips’. (When the salesman mentioned ‘…her wide hips,’ I had to do a double-take to see that he was talking about the truck and my much-less-hippy wife.) (I’ll have to deal with the backlash of that last comment sometime soon.) Anyway, I was really trying to stay away from the Dual Real Wheels (DRW) for the new truck.  This will be my daily driver and skinny construction lanes and needing 1.5 parking space lengths was a known downside.

But all of that is actually not that bad.  I park at the back of every parking lot now and the extra walk is good for me.  The nagging remorse is about the turning radius.  I read about the F450 having a better turning than the F350.  With Rachel being as long as she it, I’m having to do a lot of creative parking attempts in tight parking lots.  If I could do this again, I would try harder to find the great deal we had, but on a 450 instead.

If you are considering a new Ford F350 to pull a large camper, I would encourage you to test drive the F450 and include that in your spec list.

Edit: As I learned more about pulling the beast behind us, I learned we don’t have a ton of extra weight we can put into the pulling-a-trailer equation. With the size of our rig, the added weight for the heavier duty components of the F450 would probably max us out.   So, glad we have the F350 now.  The lesson? Consider not just the truck, but also the trailer you plan on pulling.

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