(and by “we”, I mean me)
-by Marian

If you have been reading so far, you know that I have not been a big camping person. I think I actually went camping a couple of times with a neighbor’s family in a camper, zero times in a tent. I guess I’m more of a hotel/resort person except for taking 90+ fifth graders to camp each November in cabins. With that knowledge, you might be asking, why are you doing this? Why would you decide to take up this life of a big truck and a very long 5th wheel? It has crossed my mind to ask the same questions.

I do love to travel, I’ve been overseas, four times to beautiful places. I have lived in different states as a once, but not now, military wife. I have always loved the adventure and just soaking up the climate, scenery, culture, and all that there is to see. I tell my students that my favorite things in nature are trees and water, yet I have only traveled to 14 states. Many of those trips were to visit friends, but not really seeing the area. I dream of seeing the trees in Washington state, Glacier National Park in Montana, and the Smoky Mountains.

a river under a bridge
Keystone, Colorado

I love the idea of setting out on a destination and getting to stop along the way to check something out that looks interesting. I love the idea of traveling with my husband, who has been to many places and can be, I hope, an awesome tour guide. For me though, this is more. The past three years we have lost 3 dads. My father-in-law, James in 2017, my step-dad, Richard in 2018, and my dad, Keith in 2019. It has been a huge loss and has allowed me to consider what is important. It has made me think about what I want. I want to spend what years I have on this earth, living life more fully.  I want to say at the end that I did get to see all that I wanted to see. That I moved from my comfort zone of someone who loves being at home and went on many adventures. 

I am, if you haven’t figured it out, not exactly a free spirit. I am, however, looking forward to getting out there, discovering the road less traveled as well as the road that everyone says to take. Am I nervous, you betcha! More than that though, I am excited. So. Very. Excited!

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