Welcome Rachel, the new 2019 F350 Diesel powerhouse for the camper.

Rachel arrives at the house


We made the jump after months of research. Rachel came into our story with her 6.7 liter diesel, 935 lb-ft of torque and dual rear wheel boldness.  We knew we were looking for an all-year camper and most that we looked at were at the top edge of a single real wheel truck.  Getting Rachel meant that we had all of the options open to us.  We took some time to find a truck we could afford and a minimum of pulling features. Leif Johnson’s Truck City in South Austin gave us the best deal and service.  

Driving her around town as my daily driver has been somewhat challenging. It’s going to be a great truck for pulling a large camper, but driving skinny highway lanes or parking ANYWHERE tests a good driver’s skills.  Jennifer takes up almost 1 1/2 parking spots and I have to park at the back of most every parking lot now. At least it helps get in my steps most days.

Next up is getting the camper. More on that later.

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