I really shouldn’t be struggling with this so much.  I want to return to blogging and in today’s world that means text and video and images. Marian is willing to join in with painting these pictures as well.  So, what to name it all? Sitting on the back deck at the house, we through ideas around and found an early favorite.  “Two Teachers a Truck and a Trailer” was very descriptive and we could shorten it to a very Texas/ranch/country sounding “4 T’s”.  I grabbed the gmail account and the YouTube channel before hitting the You Can’t Have That Domain name game.  The name just never sat well with me after that.

We don’t want the big light on us, but we do want to be easily found by like-minded people. We will be entering the world of RVers. We are going to be visiting every state in the US. We are teachers and want to remain connected to education. I have a connection to technology that I still want to share.  So, the brush we are painting with here is about a mile wide.

We had a meeting with our marketing team, aka: the kids that weren’t fast enough leaving the kitchen and got recruited, and after days of whiteboarding and internet searching, we finally have our mission and name. Much of this is either new to us or something that we learned that we want to share in some way. Something new. I bumped into Lu Ann Cahn’s video and the light bulb turned on . Wherever we go, whatever we do, there will be opportunities for ‘new’. It’s good for us.

DoingSomethingNew.life was born. Sure, the .com was already taken, but we thought this was a more meaningful domain anyway.  It is about LIFE. I’m excited about the new domain. I’ve had to up my domain management game for sure and blogging with Squarespace (not a sponsor) is also something new.  All of this is just colors on the palette as we begin to paint our picture. I hope others enjoy the coming pictures as well.

Enjoy the video above that fueled so many new ideas.

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I'm Howard, an educator for the last 27ish years. I'm a father, a husband, a Texan and a huge fan of creating.

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