daughters in a camper

What a long day yesterday. We picked up the keys to Monica at Crestview RV in Buda and have opened the door to this next new adventure.  (Oh, her name is Monica. Truck was named Rachel, but has shifted now to Rachel to pair well with Monica. Yeah. Making Friends as we move forward.) Our salesman, Bill Drew, even came up on his day off to hand us off to the finance guy and wish us luck.  #AskForBill !! #BestPersonWeWorkedWith .

Jerry, our camper tech, gave us a great walkthrough with their checklist and was incredibly patient with us and our questions. Marian made sure to tell him that, as teachers, we found his teaching to be exactly what we needed as excited but nervous new owners.

New learnings already!  1- Installing the water filter was fun. It was very tightly sealed and leaked a lot after installation.  RIght before giving up, I noticed a black rubber ring in the grass.  Rookie mistake not looking to make sure gasket was in the filter.  Works great now.  2- The electrical post here has 4 circuit breakers. Two were not on, so we flipped them on ‘to help’.  Um, no. Our 50 amp kept popping off until we turned back off the other two.  Problem solved.  3- The stereo is a MUCH smaller Rockford Fosgate ZPMX-1 unit. There is no remote for it, but there is a QR code sticker that ‘helps’ you download an iOS or Android app for it.  Nope. QR code is non-functioning, but the “RF Connect” app by Rockford is available and it helps remotely control the unit.  Neither the app or the unit allow me to use the built-in Bluetooth. That is learning for another day.

New learnings yet to come:  The wet bay has 3 coaxial cable inputs. Will need to learn how they operate with the 3 outputs around the camper.  The TV has Roku included and it took quite a long time to download updates and setup over my cell phone’s hotspot. The girls eventually enjoyed Teen Wolf in the luxurious recliners. Just need to work through coaxial/antenna/HDMI devices setups now. The entry door has a sticker over the window that says, Thin Shade Ready. With the late-sleeping women here with me, that and the vent in the kitchen will be the unwelcome rooster and we’ll need to work on that soon. 

New features: When we started the ball rolling in February, we knew we wanted the rumored window swap in the kitchen.  The 2021 model did put the taller window and higher cabinets with the sink on the back wall and long low window with lower cabinets on the microwave wall.  There were people bemoaning the bathroom faucets as too close to the edge of the sink.  Look in our video walkthrough for the new trough-type faucets that get water to the middle of the sink basin as well as dual med cabinets. We feel like the blinds in the bedroom are not as blackout-ie as or as easy to pull down we remembered in February.

Next steps will include a foot rest for under the bar. Without a kitchen table, we have two tall stools and a bar. My feet don’t reach the floor and Marian’s legs are much shorter. I’m thinking that a quick garage build can provide some carpeted footrests to make longterm sitting more comfortable.  Also need to use the tip shared on Facebook about adding the sound-dampening mod for the AC units.  #NoSoundMachineNeededLastNight

Today is our first full day and it will be spent getting more things setup as well as working through the thing that makes me the most nervous.  I have 3 apps and the Garmin RV and need to plan my routes for my 50+ feet of recreational joy.  Wish me luck?

daughters in a camper
The girls spending the first night watching shows and relaxing.

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