a collection of travel photos

The day finally arrived! We picked up Monica from her new storage facility early Monday and started down the road for our first destination.  Her maiden voyage was a purposefully short trip of 120 miles to Pecan Valley RV near Junction, Texas. The girls were relaxed in the back of the truck and Marian and I were feeling prepared and managed some normal first-trip anxiety really well.

New Things Today

Apps and tools designed for navigation provide different results.  The most faithful tool we are using is our Garmin RV 770 NA LMT-S navigation device. This guy sits on the dash and provides accurate directions, estimated times and distances, and saves each leg of our trip to be quickly pulled up in the truck. The most important perk, however, is that it is configured for our long 41 feet of trailer and 13.5 feet of height.  The routes suggested will avoid sharp turns and low bridges.  We tried DAT Trucker, TruckMap, inRoute and CoPilot GPS apps and found most to be less helpful that the Garmin or provided old data. Apps that direct you to a truck stop along the route either left off major locations or directed to a permanently-closed shop. CoPilot GPS became our back-up choice after it helped identify gas points along the route.

A sweet surprise today was the Pecan Valley RV site near Junction.  The owners were exceptionally nice, provided a clean bathrooms, had a private path to the Llano River for swimming or fishing, It’s a smaller RV park, but this family is now planning on going back some time for a few days!


We have been modifying parts of the camper given the ideas shared by people online.  One that we haven’t seen was to add a door lock to the bedroom for both privacy and perhaps providing an extra layer of possession security.  I’ve swapped door knobs many times, so I thought this was a no-brainer.  First, we found out that the standard door knob assembly is too big for our camper door. Second, and what made me laugh, was that you have to remember to have the latch barrel facing the correct way or just pushing the door from the outside would open it.  Finding the appropriate assembly will have to wait for another day.

a collection of travel photos
Day 1 of the first trip.

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