Marian taking pictures of the daughters

Landed in Roswell, NM

Driving across the Llano Estacado today was fairly uneventful and saw only a small amount of traffic. We found our way to the  Trailer Village RV Park and met a few very nice people here. This was another good choice and I’m feeling pretty good about our pre-trip campground research skills.

The big disappointment today was that the intergalactically-famous Roswell Alien Museum was still closed due to Covid. There was a little irony in that since they did open the gift shop attached to it.  Masks were worn, temperatures were checked at the door and we at least got to see some weird alien souvenirs.

Marian taking pictures of the daughters
Marian was capturing a couple of aliens in a photo with the daughters.

Still With The Learning Curve

Monica did great on the road for the three hour trip. Once we dropped the leveling legs, we found that the entry door did not want to open. We tried adjusting the level, checked the remote unlocking fob and keys in both locks.  The door help firm. While it makes you feel safe, it was hot and frustrations rose.  I’m thinking it came down to the thicker strike plate that came with the more secure entry handle and electronic keypad.  We finally encouraged the locks to release and we made our way in.

We are also still having an argument between us and the black tank.  The monitoring lights show 2 out of 4 lights (1/2 full) when we just emptied the tanks.  Arriving today, we spent time putting 20 gal into the tank and flushing .. several times. We can’t get the lights below 1/2 full, but we do see a big push of tank contents at the beginning of the dump and it slows to a dribble after what seems to be 20 gal.  We are puzzled and will have to keep guessing about black tank health.

Stove worked great for a pasta dinner and the washer/dryer have been churning through clothes this evening.  Tomorrow will be an early day with a long drive.

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