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It’s been over a year since I pulled into a camper store to introduce Marian to RVs. The bug bit her intensely-quick. We’ve  researched, planned, followed YouTubers, became great friends with Amazon and we are finally starting that new chapter later today.

storage containers
Big plans for these totes!

We’ve already made mistakes, of course, but we have learned a great deal too. It will be a while before we realize the goal of full-timing, and that is okay. When we get our 5th wheel beast today, we will get to use much of what we have only read about. There are so many opinions on things from rear cameras to how to store spices. It’s clear that we are not and do expect to be ‘experts’ on RVing. We are in it for the ride and the journey.

Crestview’s Bill Drew has been our voice of purchasing calm since February. Making this decision without high-pressure sales tactics was a very nice change. Crestview will be walking us through their checklist during delivery and, thanks to Facebook, I’ll have my own little list to check as well. Getting to stay the night there will be a godsend and help us slowly adjust to the beast before we drive it away.

Still not sure what we will name her. We’ll have both girls with us on our first night, so I’m sure we’ll have a good name by tomorrow morning. (Please, nothing from Teen Wolf or Supernatural….)

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