Entry Door Privacy Shade

So, Monica came with an auto-leveling system, a bathroom with overhead and indirect lighting, a kitchen vent fan that auto-opens and rain senses, a bottled-genie with three wishes, …. but there is no shade on the entry door.  There is a factory sticker on the door saying ‘Thin Shade Ready’, but doesn’t have a way to close that window. With having two daughters sleeping on the couches, this was big.

I’m kinda baffled on this one.  Amazon has it for $28, Walmart for $37 and Crestview RV in Buda had it for $32, yet this minor addition isn’t a standard feature?  Anyway, changing this bad boy out was super easy.  The black frame in the door has two clips at the top and bottom that you can gently pull open.  Slide the thin shade into the frame and push the top of the shade against the top of the frame before locking the top clips to hold it in place.  Do the same for the bottom.  Lastly, when you are in your boxers at night and want to close the shade, you have to OPEN THE DOOR, reach around the screen door and pull the shade.  #FirstWorldProblem #NotProductAffiliate

Don’t Squeeze Your Charmin

The Solitutde 390RK has a dual sink bathroom vanity, a large shower, medicine cabinets and no place to attach your toilet paper roll.  During the walkthrough, our guide pointed out the roll holder parts were in a drawer in the bathroom. Given the various sizes of people who may be mounting the plastic throne, there is really no good place to permanently attached the holder. 

Marian did some research and found our stand at Target. It can easily fit into the lower cabinet during travel days, can slide out of the way during use, and didn’t have to create any holes in the walls for installation.  Super easy solution.

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