We did something else new, again. I grew more unhappy with the Squ@respace site and decided to go ‘old school’ and move everything over to a WordPress site.  It’s not the WordPress I used years ago and my learning continues! 

It’s been quite a while since we added anything to the blog. It’s been quite the school year and we’ve had little time for traveling. We take the occasional respite in the camper, but this year has been filled with many changes in our schools.

Recently, the freak winter storm in March provided several more learning opportunities. We were in Central Texas finding it difficult to maintain heat in the camper while not staying in it.  We didn’t winterize the camper because we thought the propane would last longer that it did and assumed we would have electricity. So when we ran out of propane and lost electricity, the campground proactively turned off the water to all sites and our camper was trapped in the week-long freeze.  When we finally were able to get back to the camper we found a broken water pipe underneath.

When the entire southern state endures a long freeze, many people will face broken pipes. With that truth, we were faced with a two month waiting period before we could get the camper in for repairs.  Not wanting to wait and not wanting to pay the high cost for repairs, we started researching how to repair it for ourselves.  We couldn’t find any videos that showed how to repair it and only one good pdf. So we jumped into novice plumbing. 

Hopefully, this video proves helpful to anyone wanting to try to fix their own camper plumbing, specifically the Grand Design’s Nautilus P4 water control panel.  The video demonstrates that I’m not a trained plumber, I have a ways to go to be a skilled videographer and maybe shed some light on how the plumbing works.

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I'm Howard, an educator for the last 27ish years. I'm a father, a husband, a Texan and a huge fan of creating.

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