I was asked a couple of months ago to participate in a webinar hosted by Adobe Creative Educators. We have done a fair amount of work this Spring in getting Adobe Spark apps in the hands of teachers and students and Adobe wanted to share that with their audience. So, I spent time today as a guest speaker on the Creativity In The Clouds World Tour! 

It was nice getting to say great and true things about my district. It was really cool to spend time with educators and talk about creativity, feedback and how we can empower out students through well-implemented priority practices around Blended Learning. I’ve been fortunate to have been working with a really strong team of educators and the work that our team has done will continue to pay off for years down the road. 

In the video, I’m demonstrating a few digital resources. Adobe Spark and Canvas Learning Management System are two resources that we provide for all teachers and students in our school district. We continue to improve how we use them and, apparently given Tania’s reaction, we are doing pretty good with how we are using the tools with students.  

(Adobe Spark apps are free apps on most mobile devices and online, and it’s great for creating digital posters, videos and webpages.  Obviously, not a paid promotional post here.)

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