use the wrench icon.

So we previously wrote about Trip Wizard (May 17th) and how much we really rely on it it for planning out trips.  This part 2 update is just sharing a little more love for this app and resources.

The first time we planned a trip, I was annoyed with the gas icon that would show up on our planned routes. I haven’t seen much support for that icon and had to learn how to use it.  The trip settings know how many miles my tank can get us.  The icon says, “unless you want to hike in the heat, get some fuel!”. At the second stop, we will be getting the fuel topped off and will need to edit the stop in Trip Wizard to show we refilled the tanks.  The gas icon will now move down the road to the next part of the trip where we would be running out of fuel.  

manage fuel stats in Trip Wizard
Click the ‘edit’ tool for the stop in your trip planning.

Another late revelation with RV Trip Wizard was the Predeparture Email setting.  Use the Wrench/Trip Settings  menu to toggle on this email setting.  The day before that leg of the trip, Trip Wizard will send an email with anticipated weather for that location as well as tips for things to do.  

use the wrench icon.
Use the Wrench icon to customize settings for a specific trip.


email about your next location
Have Trip Wizard get you prepared the day before getting to a location.                       


Lastly, we are still developing our preferences around which navigation tool we like.  There are frequently online posts asking the well-traveled RVers what they use. Our previous post shared some things we’ve tried in the past, but for whatever reason, we never installed the RV Life iOS app. That has been a game-changer!

While I like the Garmin 770 RV screen and previews of turns, it has led me astray once too many times to let it be my only navigation option while driving. 

too many electronics?
Trying to be well-prepared to navigate our path, along with review mirror-strapped rear video and tire pressure monitor.

The RV Life app lets me pull in all of the trips we already created on the website. It has been very consistent in providing great routes.  By having both running, we have options for dealing with the sudden road closures or unplanned route changes.  I won’t go to RV Life as my only tool only because of the huge battery drain on my phone.  Pulling 42′ of RV fun for us just demands route security and navigation options. 

What is your preferred in-cabin navigation strategy or process? Please share for others to learn from your experiences.

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