Definitely NOT the Cunninghams.

This third iteration of continues the theme of ‘doing something new’ for sure. The original intent was to focus mostly on the year-round camping life. That dream is on hold and the current new thing will keep us brick and mortar for a bit longer. Also, given the flood of spam and internet hijinks attacking our sweet little site, we will be posting less personal information while we share our content. 

The ‘we’ within this site will generally refer to Marian and Howard.  We are educators, parents, and blessed to live in Texas.  Not the racist Texas, but the Texas that still has the original meaning from the native Caddo indigenous people, “friendly” or “friendship”. (Also holding on to the Caddo Native American story and not the new (2018) theory that teja or tejas has a Spanish origin pre-dating the Caddo story.)  All that said, this site is for sharing a story in a  place where there is friendship and respect of others… or you’ll get no recess outside today.


In this iteration of our site, you will find more content about ‘making’.  While waiting for the camping dream, Howard spent more time learning new creative skills. He will be sharing some of his creative efforts and some reflections on those products as well. 

We hope you find some enjoyment or value from within our pages. God bless and be well.

Howard & Martin