Definitely NOT the Cunninghams.

Hey there. We are Howard and Marian and we will use our slice of the internet tell a story. We have spent years in public education and are looking at traveling full time in just a couple of years. Doing Something New (DSN) is about breaking from our traditional lives and trying new things, the biggest right now being the camper life. We are wanting to focus on doing new (to us) things, or things we have not yet experienced. Sometimes our story will be about living in our camper or squeezing the big F350 dually into compact car parking spots. Other times, we will share our stories about education, advocate for the great teachers out there and share what we have learned about educational technology and strong instructional practices. But we hope to tie it all into keeping the brain healthy, having positive attitudes, and enjoying the life God gave us.

Still reading? This won’t be another ‘living in a camper’ Youtube channel or blog. We are starting our story from the inception of DSN, which means that we don’t even have the camper yet. We are planning, researching, and learning from the many online camper-fans who came before us. Perhaps we can add value to the community of camper veterans and newbies alike.

While camping is new to us, we have thirty-plus years of experience in education. We both have a passion for working with students. Marian’s background in counseling before becoming an elementary teacher helped make her a powerhouse of connection with her students. She is one of those teachers that students connect with because she is real with them, engaging with her enthusiasm and demonstrates and empathy for all of her students. Howard’s twelve years as a 5th grade teacher helped prepare him for the fourteen years supporting teachers and classrooms as an Instructional Technologist/ Technology Design Coach/ Technology Systems Trainer. He developed a wealth of resources and ideas for transforming classroom instruction and supporting Blended and Personalized Learning in classrooms.

We have learned much and have much still to learn. We won’t claim to be experts. We will share what we learn, what we fail at, our evolution as we being this adventure and hope to provide a place where people extend community to each other.

This isn’t a political platform. We don’t plan on being Youtube influencers or celebrities. This isn’t a money grab, but we may put ads on a few things, but really just want to share our story, make some new friends and have a good time.

Hope you enjoy this with us.  -Howard and Marian