“A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.”

We tell our kids, “You can do anything!” in an effort to build their self-confidence. Obviously there are things I can’t do, but the journey of discovery and joy in learning can take you quite far. The growth of the Maker industry is just a reflection of people wanting to learn new skills, create from scratch, and make something often from nothing. 

The cardboard castle started as a chicken pox-ridden young boy’s desire to play with some large boxes.  The two-day project ended up three boxes deep, sewn together with rope and included a suspension bridge between the two towers. No plans, but thousands of giggles.


Our kids were shown from a young age that ‘making’ can be fun. Today, they are not shy about picking up a tool when they feel like being creative.  For example, the desire to create costume pieces using melted or re-formed PVC pipe eventually had three of us working on different pieces for an afternoon.

Perhaps seeing some of our experiences might lead someone to getting into making things. It’s never too late to learn a new skill. This links below just share some of the things we’ve made. Keep your brain young and make something! 


The Art of ‘Making’

Wood craft

Making saw dust, getting splinters, using power tools and throwing paint. We’ve made pen pencil sets, furniture, a 500 sq ft deck, and much more.

Leather craft

Finding good patterns makes all the difference. Starting with raw leather, what can we make? The ultimate goal: completing full leather armor.

Cricut craft

We got our Cricut originally to help with cosplay efforts for the kids. It’s playing a role now with leather and screen printing.

3d Printing

The least-forgiving or our efforts, printing plastic requires a totally different set of skills. Quite rewarding, however, when it works correctly.